Full Name
Alex Morris
Job Title
Executive Director
California Energy Storage Alliance
Speaker Bio
Alex Morris is Senior Vice President at Strategen. He is responsible for policy and regulatory affairs, and leads strategic policy consulting for businesses and government groups. In his role, Alex serves as Executive Director of the California Energy Storage Alliance, where he oversees the organization’s strategy, policy work, management, and membership.

Alex has more than 10 years of experience in policy and regulatory work, leading major efforts to shape and promote policy or regulatory outcomes at the California legislature, the CAISO, FERC, and other agencies. Alex also brings years of utility-focused strategic consulting experience to Strategen, and has worked closely with utility, private, and trade groups to shape and execute on strategic business plans. Alex has focused on a broad range of cutting-edge topics such as Storage Legislation, Electric Market Design, Renewables Integration, FERC Policy, Smartgrid, Electric Transportation and Plug-in Vehicles, Rate Design, the California Solar Initiative, and more.

Alex previously worked for electric utilities PG&E and SCE after receiving his MBA from the University of California, Davis.
Alex Morris