Full Name
Carrie Bentley
Job Title
Co-Founder & CEO
Gridwell Consulting
Speaker Bio
Carrie Bentley is the co-founder and CEO of Gridwell Consulting and has worked in the energy industry across the ISO/RTO markets. Gridwell is an analytics and advocacy firm located in Sacramento and provided education, modeling, and advocacy to a wide range of clients. Ms. Bentley is actively engaged in renewable, storage, and emerging technology market integration and Resource Adequacy consulting at the California ISO (CAISO) and California Public Utility Commission. She began her career in Georgia consulting for rural cooperatives across the East Coast and Texas, and then moved to California to work at the CAISO in the Department of Market Monitoring and Policy group; leading design and stakeholder initiatives in critical areas such as flexible ramping, resource adequacy, and renewable integration. Ms. Bentley holds a BA in Economics from Agnes Scott College and MS in Economics from Georgia Tech.
Carrie Bentley