Full Name
John Prescott
Job Title
Governing Body Member
Western Energy Imbalance Market
Speaker Bio
Retired as president and CEO of Pacific Northwest Generating Cooperative, Mr. Prescott is known as a leader in the utility sector for power supply and associated market transactions. At Idaho Power, Mr. Prescott served 14 years in engineering and operational roles and led the R&D efforts of the Company focusing on renewable energy. He then moved into the non-regulated side of the industry as President of a start-up system integration company, followed by a fuel cell start-up business where he headed business development.

As vice president of power supply for Idaho Power, he worked with major stakeholders and customers that included tribes, federal and state agencies, and environmental groups in managing the Company’s hydro and thermal generating resources. In 2004, he joined Seattle City Light, the largest public power utility in the Northwest, as the Power Supply and Environmental Affairs Officer. In 2005, Mr. Prescott became senior vice president of power supply at Pacific Northwest Generating Cooperative and in 2006 became its president and CEO. He led the largest generation and transmission cooperative in the Northwest until his retirement in 2016.

Mr. Prescott has served on numerous boards and committees including the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association Regulatory Standing Committee; Pacific Northwest Utility Conference Committee – Chair; Northwest Power & Conservation Council Wind Integration Steering Committee; and National Electric Reliability Corporation – Electricity Subsector Coordinating Council.

Mr. Prescott received his Bachelor of Science degree in General Engineering from Idaho State University in 1981. At the University of Idaho in 1987 he earned his Master of Science in Electrical Engineering and completed the Harvard Business School Advanced Management Program in 2003.

Mr. Prescott was first appointed to the WEIM Governing Body on July 1, 2016. He was reappointed July 1, 2019, for a term ending June 30, 2022.
John Prescott